Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sometimes when I'm bored, I online window shop for fun items for my imaginary non-existent gorgeous loft in the city that I live in with my imaginary non-existent gorgeous boyfriend. What, is that weird?

Here are the items I would have in my dream spot...

Crosley USB tech turntable from FredFlare
(for blasting vinyl tunes)
Antoinette Fainting Sofa From Urban Outfitters
(for lots-o-cuddlin)
The Purr-fect Place in Tipi From ModCloth
(for our non-exsistent furry friend)

Foxglove Candles From Oak NYC
(for setting the mood oh la la)
Knotted Melati Hanging Chair From Anthropologie
(for lazy sunday swingin)

Viola! There you have it my dream home lust list.
And I will leave you with this lovely tune.
"Home" By Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 

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