Thursday, March 17, 2011


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So, as of late, I've had the worst case of insomnia. I mean it; I am a legit night owl. I'll have zero energy during the day. So i'll get into bed early and then around 10 pm, I am completely awake/wired. Last night I was up flipping through the channels and happened upon MTV's Woodie awards. WHAT THE EFF IS THIS?! MTV's sorry attempt at recognizing music college kids/indie rockers/ hipster types would enjoy. It  honestly looked like the VMA's on LSD + frat party.  Everyone was messed up/doing keg stands, presenters were slurring words, and the winners of these bizarre Woodie categories were presented with large driftwood statues. Seriously??

 Yet...I kinda wanted to be there in my plaid shirt boppin and ragin to the likes of Sleigh Bells and Odd Future? Shit.

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