Saturday, March 19, 2011


Last weekend I did some bar hopping with 2 girlfriends around my rinky-dink town. It's more entertaining than fun going out in small towns. Because instead of young people out enjoying themselves, it's middle aged woman grinding to 2001's greatest rap hits. A guy approached the 3 of us. I pretended I didn't see him and looked the other way cause I knew it was going to be disastrous. But my friend is too nice so she indulged in conversation. And oh man I bet she wishes she had given him the bitch cold shoulder like I did because then she wouldn't have had to endure this pick-up line... 

Some loser: "Hey do you know how much a polar bear weighs???"
My friend: "Um.."
Some loser: "Enough to break the ice! Hi my name is *insert name here*"

Yes. He actually used that line folks. I could not fabricate this scenario if I tried.

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